Friendly bartender


Ackmena was the night-time bartender of the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine. Though somewhat cantankerous at times, she was far less surly and unapproachable than the sour-faced Wuher. As such, spacers and other barflies respected her. She tried to use her popularity as leverage against the peggat-pinching Chalmun to negotiate better hours, though it became a stubborn contest-of-wills between the two for months.

The lovestruck alien Krelman tried to woo her on the night the Empire enacted a curfew on the spaceport city due to suspected subversive activities on the planet. Ackmena initially had difficulty emptying the cantina, but by starting up a song with the band, she was able to rouse the crowd and get them to leave the bar.

She teamed up with Cebann Veekan, who shared a flair for theatrics and song. The two would often stage performances at the cantina, achieving a moderate level of success. After the Battle of Endor, when Luke Skywalker’s exploits against the Empire became fodder for popular entertainment, Ackmena and Veekan began turning the familiar story of “local boy does good” into a hit. They were able to move their performances off the cantina bandstand stage and into a larger, more proper venue.

Ackmena awas an older human female with fair skin, and long gray hair that she ties off and wears over her shoulder. Her standard farewell to bar patrons was “come back soon, I’ll be waiting.”


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