Star Wars: Shadow of the Mind's Eye

Campaign introduction
"There is a great disturbance in the Force ..."


It is the height of Emperor Palpatine’s brutal reign. Hopes of freedom from the Dark Lords of the Sith have dwindled for all but a few.

But the Rebel Alliance is growing in boldness and might, so the Emperor sends his sinister minions to scour the galaxy for two things of interest: the son of Skywalker, and an ancient relic that would give its owner unimaginable power over the Force.

The rebels already have one of these things, and they want the other to help them revive the Jedi Order and restore peace and justice to the galaxy.

The race is on! Which path will you choose?

New planet: Takrun
  • Region: Expansion Region
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Gravity: Standard
  • Moons: 2
  • Length of Day: 22 standard hours
  • Length of Year: 409 standard days
  • Sapient Species: 99% Human (colonial), 1% other species
  • Government: Corporation (under Imperial control)
  • Capital: Dynast
  • Major Exports: Foodstuffs
  • Major Imports: Technology
Knowledge (Bureaucracy)
  • DC 10: The Republic colony on Takrun was founded by a foodstuffs harvesting corporation that retained control of the planet until very recently.
  • DC 15: The Empire recently installed a Moff to run the sector, and he has chosen Takrun’s capital city, Dynast, to be the location of his official headquarters.
  • DC 20: The former governor and leading company official of Takrun went underground after the Moff’s arrival. Many believe him to be spearheading the local resistance to the Empire.
Knowledge (Life Sciences)
  • DC 10: Takrun is renowned as a rugged, sometimes primeval planet that holds abundant sources of food fit for most of the races in the galaxy.
  • DC 15: Takrun was once inhabited by an intelligent species but no record of them exists apart from the vast structures they left behind. Archaeologists have long been denied access to the many overgrown ruins, but since the coming of the new Moff several urgent requests for research teams have been transmitted to the university at Imperial Center.
  • DC 20: Elements of the archaeological community believe Takrun to be the site of at least one ancient Sith-era temple complex.

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